The Best Part of Being an Author

There are so many wonderful aspects of being a published author! Some authors are motivated by seeing their face in the media, or watching their book sales grow, or being interviewed on radio, or building their profile. There’s nothing wrong with any of these motivations… but I don’t consider these to be the best parts of being an author. What I love is seeing how much children (and parents) love Slow Down, Sarah!

Over the time since Slow Down, Sarah! has been published, I’ve received such wonderful feedback from parents and children, letting me know that Slow Down, Sarah! is a much loved and treasured book, read and re-read by many. I’ve had parents ask me when I’m writing another book… and children come up to me repeatedly and tell me it’s still their favourite book and how often they read it.

Here are some of my favourite photos of some very special children who love Slow Down, Sarah!, and the message to be strong, be special and be yourself. For me, there’s no better reward…

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