Revvingly Good Reviews!

Slow Down Sarah! has received some fantastic reviews. These are the first two that have arrived…

Ainsley Shepherd’s Slow Down Sarah! makes for a jolly read-aloud adventure. The rhyming text is jaunty and playful yet still carries a gentle message. The visual effect of the word art adds to the cheerful, active nature of the story. Chantal Stewart’s illustrations are vibrant and humorous. Each double page spread is bursting with colour and motion as Sarah zips across the countryside on her little red motorbike causing havoc where ever she goes. The expressions on the animal’s faces are a highlight. This gorgeous picture book with its many subtle layers will engage and delight readers of all ages.

Aleesah Darlison, Children’s Author

Slow Down Sarah is an exhilarating ride through country Australia with all the energy and verve you would expect from such a crackingly fabulous character!  The energetic rhyming text is a pleasure to read aloud and I dare you not to ‘take off’ yourself as you delve into this delightful story.  

Emma Mactaggart, Founder & Creative Director Child Writes

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