Launching Sarah into the Big, Wide World!

So now it was time for Sarah to make an entrance into the world! And what better place than my son’s classroom, at Gayndah State School! As a Mum, involving my children with the process of bringing Sarah to life has been the greatest of fun!

WP_20150331_14_12_08_Pro (2)

And what fun this was! By the time we were finished, I was feeling as though I might change my career to that of a primary school teacher! As I shared with them the process of writing and seeing Slow Down Sarah! published, I was amazed at the questions they asked, their good humour and how wonderfully they responded. In fact, I even had a few offers from kids to become my book agent!

Funnily enough, when I asked who had a motorbike at home or had ever ridden a motorbike, there were very few hands not raised. If I ever do an author talk in the city, I imagine the response might be quite different…

WP_20150331_14_30_30_Pro (2)

A great deal of thanks goes to Leah Trott for welcoming me into her classroom, her amazing grade 5 students, and to Gayndah State School. We were also able to run a fundraiser for book sales with proceeds going to the Gayndah State School P & C.


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