A Happy Day!

And finally the day arrived! What can I say?!?! It was a very happy day!

When the advance copies turned up, I have to admit I was almost scared to open them! But when I did, it was such a pleasure to see Sarah on the front cover!!! And even though I knew the story inside out, I couldn’t help but take up her invitation to dive once again into the adventure!

It was also a huge thrill to share the book with my children – I’d been able to keep the dedication page a secret from them, so when they first saw their own names in print, they were astonished… and absolutely thrilled! It was very special to share it with them. My parents had also had no idea I’d been planning to acknowledge them. It is true that they have always been my greatest supporters and always told me that I could do anything I set my mind to – and I believed them! What we speak over our children is very important! In addition, the reason I said that without them this story would never have been written, was also to do with the fact that they bought me my little red 50cc motorbike as a kid – the same motorbike which gave me my love of riding at “hair-raising” speeds (according to our neighbour), and from which the entire Slow Down Sarah! story was inspired!

SDS Dedication Page

Soon after, the rest of the books arrived at the Child Writes office and I could start sharing them with others! It was thrilling – and scary – to share what had previously only been an idea within my heart, with those around me. However, Slow Down Sarah! started receiving great feedback from the very beginning!

IMG_1332 (2)

I knew this was the start of another journey but I was feeling very excited about taking the trip!

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