A Dream Come True!

At the beginning of it all, Sarah was just a dream. In fact, as I sat there on the lounge before bedtimes, surrounded by my beautiful, little children as they eagerly drank in one picture book after the next, being able to read my own children’s picture book to my children was nothing more than a thought. And yet, that thought became a hope, and that hope became a possibility, and after hours upon hours of work and a huge amount of patience and belief, Sarah finally became a reality!

Though my children were much older than I’d imaged they would be when Sarah arrived, we finally got to snuggle up on the lounge together and hold in our hands what had once just been in my mind. What was the most wonderful about this is that my children walked the journey with me… showing great excitement and interest at every stage of Sarah’s creation, seeing the reality that their own dreams really can come true, too. And when Sarah finally arrived, they were as excited as I was – maybe more! It was a beautiful experience for us all, really.

Author Photo

To you, whether your dreams are of holding your own book in your hands, building a business, getting fit, competing as a professional sportsperson, raising a loving family, getting out of debt, or simply living a stress-free life full of joy and passion, I say that your dreams are all possible and every one can come true. Go after what is in your heart, be your unique self and bring something beautiful to your world!


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