The End is Just the Beginning

And then it happened. The next proof arrived (we were up to number 4 by this time), and it was right. F-i-n-a-l-l-y, right! I could not e-mail Lionel with quickly enough, with the go-ahead to print! What a relief!

Final Proofs2

Of course, just as quickly as the relief came, it went again, as I realised that it really was only the start of so much more. Having my title accepted with the book distributors, finishing off this website to promote the book, getting marketing images created (once again thanks to Michelle’s brilliance), organising delivery of the books, and marketing through Child Writes and other channels – even getting ready to submit to competitions. I had known this work would need to be done, and had started working on the website and made bits and pieces of progress in other areas, but I knew it was now time to focus, get my marketing plan established, and prepare to sell out of my print run as soon as possible after it arrived!

Website Marketing Images

It was a lot of work and just part of self-publishing, however I still felt I was on a better rate of pay than what I would be getting had I been restricted to the 5% royalty a commercial publisher would offer me. Also, while it had been frustrating to get it just right, I’d maintained control over how the book would look – who knows whether I would have been disappointed with another illustrator or another graphic style? Slow Down Sarah! looked how I’d imagined it and that made everything else worthwhile.

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