A Perfect Moment

There were other reviews… little things we found which needed changing. The placement of a rabbit which needed alteration. Some changes to the sky. Nothing too dramatic… finishing touches, really.

And then the big day arrived. The first time I would see the illustrations. Would they be beautiful or would I feel disappointed after all this time? I opened the package, both with anticipation and trepidation. What would I find?

PERFECTION!  Sarah Spread Illustration

Little Sister Spread Illustration

Postman Spread Illustration

Farmer Spread Illustration

It truly was a perfect moment. Everything I had hoped for, everything I had wanted, everything I had asked for… was all there. Sarah was perfect, the setting was perfect, the colours were perfect. Chantal had done the most wonderful job! I was amazed, overcome and thrilled – all rolled into one! In my eyes, it could not have been any better!

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